About Me: Annika Wager

Annika  Wager is the lead workplace trainer in On The Mind. She has 20 years of experience in pan-European project management. This involved leading remote multi-disciplinary teams in multiple countries in high pressure and time critical programmes, while working  for a wide range of demanding clients. She found that skills developed through mindfulness training  were key to finding the space to lead and manage remote teams, improve team performance and manage change and stress when working in these challenging  and high intensity environments. Since then her mindfulness training provision and consultancy focuses on clients with a commitment to integrating mindfulness into workplaces, at employee, leadership and organisational levels.  She has a particular interest in the growing field of relational mindfulness for teams and leaders and the impact it has within the workplace.

After training at the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and other  organisations, in 2014 she became a BAMBA  (British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches) accredited mindfulness trainer. She has been also involved in a mindfulness research project run by University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Annika has worked in a range of organisations and workplaces (both public and private sector) teaching mindfulness from the perspective of developing resilience and well-being, to working with senior leadership teams or individual leaders to developing skills around self-awareness and emotional intelligence in order to enhance leadership capabilities.

Annika meets the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses  (Good Practice Guidelines – BAMBA) which is the gold standard in UK mindfulness training.

She is interested in the current research on mindfulness in the workplace and how mindfulness can impact on staff wellbeing and engagement. Additionally interpersonal mindfulness is a growing field that explores how training in mindfulness impacts person to person interactions. She has delivered Mindfulness programmes in a range of industries from finance to engineering to medicine development, public sector (police, NHS, local council) and education settings (university employees, school staff). As the benefits of bringing mindfulness into the workplace and the home/work life balance are increasingly recognised, there is growing interest in this field.

She runs a specific training for school staff and leadership teams – see www.mindful-teaching.co.uk for more information on her work in schools.

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