About me:
Annika Wager

I  meet the requirements of  the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses which allows me to be  one of the select teachers registered on the UK Mindfulness Network.

(See  www.mindfulnessteachersuk.org.uk/pdf/teacher-guidelines.pdf ‎  for more information on these important guidelines to ensure that any teacher you work with is   appropriately qualified.)

I have trained to teach  mindfulness at the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and also with Breathworks. I have also trained with Integrated Mindfulness  which specialises in training mindfulness teachers who want to integrate mindfulness teaching into one to one work with clients. I was selected as one of the trainers involved in an Oxford University mindfulness research project (MYRIAD).

I have also trained with .b (Mindfulness in Schools) to teach a specific mindfulness course which is very accessible and is aimed at teenagers (year 9 and upwards).   Also with .b (Mindfulness in Schools), I have completed the .b foundation training which allows me to teach a version of the  8 week course which has been specifically designed for teachers (or other adults working with children).  (See mindfulnessinschools.org for more information on any of the .b courses).

As a meditation trainer I work on a small group basis (6-15) or a one to one basis. Taster sessions can be done on a much larger group basis e.g. 50+

I am interested in the current research on mindfulness in the work place and how mindfulness can impact on staff stress levels and they way they respond to person to person interactions, change etc. I have conducted Mindfulness Meditation sessions in a range of work place settings from university staff, school staff, to staff in various industries, councils, counsellors etc. As the benefits of bringing mindfulness into the workplace and the home/work life balance are increasingly recognised, there is growing interest in this field.

I find that a regular personal practice has helped to increase my capacity to be in the moment and to approach tasks or difficulties in a calmer, more responsive manner,  compared to my former more reactive, more stressful way of living.

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