Testimonials from course participants
(public training)

‘“It is already proving very useful in daily life. I am finding that my anxiety levels are a lot lower and I am able to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them. I am sleeping better and I am much more aware of what is ‘going on’ inside me and how I am holding myself. My head is clearer and I feel less overwhelmed by situations.”

“I home-school my son who is severely dyslexic and on the autistic spectrum. My daily mindfulness practice has enabled a calmer environment to teach in and also I have been passing on the techniques to my son who also seems a lot calmer and more self-accepting with less ‘melt downs .”

I found the course stimulating and useful. I feel that I am just at the start of incorporating the practices into my life and already it has helped me.

I exercise to keep my body fit for life. Now I feel I have a tool to keep my mind fit for the pressures of 21st century life, both at work and home

I had tried to learn a little mindfulness from a book with little success. I would definitely recommend a course to learn mindfulness– the classes add a whole dimension that just can’t be captured otherwise.

“This was an excellent, practical and useful course with intelligent, informed and skilful guidance from someone who has personal experience of the positive benefits of the practices

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